“History is simply a piece of paper covered with print; the main thing is still to MAKE HISTORY, not to write it”. Otto Von Bismark

The words of the famous German statesman were enacted by the founders of Calvary, the first Black Baptist church in Chester. The written word of the church’s beginning is very meager; but we do know that Brother Lorenzo Thompson’s family, the Blands, Robinsons, the Fraziers, the Browns and others made the initial steps. This ban of Christian Believers who had migrated from Virginia met regularly in the Thompson’s home in Linwood, PA for prayer meeting. Later they moved their meeting place to Fourth and Edward Streets, Chester, PA.

Through the foresight of this group, a meting was arranged with Mr. John Crozer, a philanthropist, who was financing the building of Baptist churches in the area. Therefore, through this contact the First African Baptist Church, later named the Calvary Baptist Church at 2nd and Baker Streets was born in 1879.

But just as our own America did not stop with the great work of our ”Founding Fathers” neither did the Calvary Baptist Church. The Calvary as it now stands and permeates the City and vicinity has survived, grown and become influential through the tears, sweat and prayers of the many, many other who followed in the footsteps of the Founders.

Today, we wish to add these to our illustrious list ofhonorees. We realize the numbers accumulated through these 130 years are far to numerous to name or to single out there contributions, but our thanks and gratitude go out to everyone who in his own time, And his own way helped to make Calvary a “Beacon Light for Christ”.

The original Founders and the hordes of others who have followed them through these 130 years – did not write history, but they indeed “make history”.

Now as we have entered the new Century of Calvary’s existence, another generation eagerly awaits in “the wings” to pick up the banner brought thus far by the Founders and others and under the able leadership of the Rev. Dr. Bayard S. Taylor, Jr., we are “Guided by Love and Challenged by Faith”!

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