“Deaconess,” from the Greek work diakonos, means “servant.”

The Deaconess Ministry, primarily made up of deacons’ wives, widows and other appointed women, is a support group for Pastor Taylor, deacons and the church at large. Some of the responsibilities of the deaconesses are: assisting in stimulating and nurturing the spiritual growth of the congregation, teaching and developing the younger women of the church, communning and ministering to the sick and shut-in monthly, assisting the pastor with baptism candidates, maintaining baptism and communion supplies and leading cooperate praise and worship with the deacons.

The main responsibility of the Deaconess Ministry is to prepare and attend to all the details needed to carry out and perform each of the aforementioned ceremonies. The means and methods of this ministry are managed in cooperation with and under the direct supervision of Pastor Taylor.

Additionally, this ministry is also responsible for maintaining and caring for the sacred vessels, altar coverings, and other sacramental linens. The Blessed Sacraments of the Church are most essential and foundational to the total Church ministry. It is the Deaconess Minstry  that makes sure every detail for these Sacraments are attended to and that the order of service, designed by our Pastor, run  smoothly. It is a blessed privilege to prepare and assist in the service of Holy Communion and prepare the candidates for Water Baptism.

A Deaconess serves not to be seen, but that others may see Christ in the beauty of holiness.